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As a Books Motivate Volunteer Program Associate you will facilitate community member interaction with Books Motivate programs by one (or more) of the following methods:

  1. Assist in creative development of innovative educational programs.
  2. Assist in computer design and distribution of email and social media ads, brochures, posters, flyers, business cards and other products, services, and information for programs and public events.
  3. Make business-related and media contacts via telephone and email with potential donors, speakers, registrants, and potential registrants.
  4. Recommend, identify, and contact event speakers and potential registrants via telephone, email, standard mail, and social media/event venues.
  5. Attend scheduled meetings, events, and perform program and event-related tasks as needed by mutually agreed upon requests.


    • People Skills
    • Life Coach Mentoring
    • Administrative and IT Support
    • Teaching / Instruction
    • Research
    • Photography
    • Publicity and Marketing Support
    • Fundraising and Development

Requirements & Commitment

  • Background Check

Books Motivate volunteer programs foster self-esteem, employment, business and career partnerships.  Students are benefited with opportunities for community engagement, school and college retention by meeting graduation requirements. Community residents, parents, working and retired adults enjoy the high quality cultural programs that highlight their achievements while providing assistance very often to the next generation of community leaders.

We need volunteers to help with these efforts. 

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