The Green Initiative Youth Leadership After-School Program (GIYL) is an interactive, virtual, and project-based mentorship program for high school students who complete two one-hour sessions each week for six weeks of online environmental science course instruction, and a sustainability individual, or group, project in their community during the Spring, Summer, or Fall calendar term each year. Instructors and Mentors help facilitate student participant efforts and provide letters of recommendation to students for submission to schools, colleges, and/or business employers. Students receive a certificate of program completion with recognition and awards from our sponsors. If you would like to receive sign up, volunteer, or sponsor opportunity updates on the Books Motivate GIYL Program, we enthusiastically welcome your hopeful participation. Please indicate your preferences here:

Books Motivate Foundation recognizes the importance of educational attainments that emphasize the 21st Century goals of education highlighted by the 4 C’s of critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication, as well as STEAM content standards and objectives. Science, technology, engineering, art, and math provide the necessary educational foundation for student success in the majority of new careers in an ever-changing workplace and quality of life environment. We welcome partnerships with individuals and organizations working towards student achievements and awards in these crucial endeavors.

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