2021…We are still here.

2020 to 2021…Happily, we are still here. Sadly, so many families lost love ones, businesses, jobs and more. We became sorely acquainted with the depths of despair from stories lived and stories shared through journalism, social media, books, video conferences and less often in-person accounts. We must not mourn for too long. The difficulties and the losses only strengthen our resolve to learn from the bitter pill of a worldwide pandemic with political, race/ethnicity, socio-economic, healthcare, education, and environmental injustices and then apply this knowledge in every way possible.

With the dawning of New Year 2021, we share our lessons, our expectations, and praise for those who would listen. We have learned to give even more of ourselves to one another in our homes and communities. New possibilities presented themselves in the midst of a sense of constant uncertainty; possibilities of further reading and writing about spirit, mind, body, with personal and community relations that inspire continuing prospects of new projects with finance streams allowing us to envision a new year to share with greater abundance. Welcoming 2021 with Books Motivate Foundation Advisory Board members, supporting donors, family and friends, so grateful you are here. (photo credit: Aurora Ellis)

Maintain the vision and work for sustainable climate solutions.

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